Boise’s Aviation Specialties Unlimited creates night-vision GoPro camera — VIDEO

BOISE, Idaho — Bruce Hubler’s company flies airplanes over cropland in the Treasure Valley to apply fertilizer, fungicide and insecticide. But many crops in the area require bees to pollinate them. The bees buzz in the fields during daylight, so the pilots at Caldwell-based Valley Air hold off their aerial spraying until the bees go to bed.

A different Treasure Valley company, Boise’s Aviation Specialties Unlimited, started making Valley Air’s job a lot easier a few years ago.

A small aviation night-vision technology company, ASU sells night-vision goggles to buyers such as the military and law enforcement. It outfits helicopters and planes with night-vision systems and offers a week-long flight school where pilots learn to use night vision.

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“We use the night vision to improve safety and reduce stress for the pilot and crews,” said Hubler, owner-operator of Valley Air LLC. Hubler knew ASU founder Mike Atwood from their time flying together in the National Guard.

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Video courtesy of ASU

Source: Idaho Statesman

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