UiUx-Solu announces expansion in Ketchum

BOISE, Idaho — Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter congratulated local officials and community leaders in Ketchum today on news that User Interface User Experience (UiUx-Solu) will expand its operations there. The company will lease office space in the Ketchum Innovation Center and is scheduled to begin operations by mid-summer.

“The direct benefit to UiUx-Solu of Idaho’s Tax Reimbursement Incentive program and the support from the city were huge motivating factors in our decision to locate in Ketchum,” said David Currier, CEO and a partner in UiUx. “But it was also the intangible of a balanced, outdoor-oriented lifestyle, and the confidence that we could attract and retain the best likeminded talent for all aspects of the business, that ultimately finalized our decision.”

“On behalf of the State of Idaho, I am proud to welcome User Interface User Experience as a new corporate citizen. We are excited to add to our growing list of innovative technology companies in Idaho,” Otter said. “Expanding this key industry in Idaho is extremely important to continue growing our economy and keeping our state competitive on the world stage.”

User Interface User Experience (UiUx) is a start-up software company with three projects slated for development, the first of which is Solu, a Legacy Bridge personal archive creation and retrieval interface. It allows individual archive creators to upload or record and store multi-media content via prompts, building a generational autobiography that can be accessed forever by designated descendant family members asking questions of the archive.

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Source: Idaho Commerce

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