Shoe on the right foot for Because International

NAMPA, Idaho — An Idaho entrepreneur has developed a shoe for children in poor countries that can be adjusted to a larger size as the child grows. Kenton Lee got the idea after working with shoeless children in Kenya.

He is founder and executive director of Because International, a nonprofit based in Idaho, which developed a prototype of the expandable shoe in 2013. The nonprofit tapped into crowdfuding to collect the dollars to get the project off the ground.

Lee has delivered 100 shoes to children in Nairobi, Kenya, and plans to continue the project to reach more children. The shoes can help prevent little feet from diseases in the soil and infections.

Because International reports the shoes can grow from a size five to a size 12. The shoes are designed to last about 10 years.

Image courtesy of Because International

Source: Good News Network
Source: Because International

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